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Ready Honda Powersports Off Road Dual Sport and Competition

Easy to modulate
Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) with a narrow,
high-velocity 28 mm throttle body ensures rapid
fuel/air flow and precise cylinder filling,
resulting in c
risp power delivery that’s easy to
modulate – so critical in trials riding.

Honda Unicam power
The Cota 4RT260 uses an exclusive Honda 259 cc
liquid-cooled 4-valve Unicam engine that was
designed and tuned specifically for the unique
demands of trials riding, including the need for
ultra-strong low-rpm power

Excellent mass centralization
Ultra-high rpm, 149 cc engine is one of the most
advanced in the sport, its unique 4-valve, Unicam
design gives it very compact dimensions and excellent
mass centralization for effortless direction changes
on the ground or altitude changes in the air. Rail
it or whip it with confidence.
(European model shown)

Effortless directional changes on the fly
Unique 4-valve Unicam cylinder head has very compact
dimensions, allowing it to be ideally placed for
excellent mass centralization. This helps make it
even easier for a rider to change direction, on the
ground or in the air.



Based on the XR600R that dominated the Baja 1000 race for years, the XR650L is
perhaps the most dirt capable of the big dual sports. Narrow waisted with a long, flat
seat, the ergonomics of the XR650L offer true off-road rider positioning. A 43 mm cartridge
 fork, and Pro-Link single rear shock mean the XR650L can take on the roughest trails,
and with a full complement of street hardware the XR650L is also completely at home
on the highway.


By their very definition, dual-sport bikes are a compromise - part dirt, part street.
The often-conflicting requirements of these two applications can be a real challenge
 for engineers.



Staying on top is never easy and nowhere is this more evident than in the ultra-competitive
 world of motocross. Sure, big steps forward may take the pressure off for a while,
 but it's the incremental development of these technological leaps that deliver the
long-term advantage.



Having a big brother like the CRF450R brings a whole new meaning to the term hand
-me-downs. Advanced technologies introduced and developed on the 450R are quickly
 passed down to the CRF250R making it every bit as competitive as its larger sibling.



Just because a rider is younger or smaller in stature doesn't mean that he or she is
any less serious about performance. Four-stroke engines currently dominate off-road
racing, thanks in part to their superior power-delivery and enhanced traction.



Open-class competition bikes are all about power, but big power can often lead to early
 fatigue and reduced rider performance; the CRF450X's reduced fatigue design helps
 make it stand out in this category.



When off-road competition shifts away from the motocross track to enduro, hare
scrambles and cross country courses, motorcycle priorities also shift. Canadian
forests are characterized by tight single-track trails with more than their fair
share of roots and rocks which means out there, agility and compliant suspension
become essential attributes



The CRF230F harkens back to a simpler time when four-strokes were renowned for their
user-friendly power delivery and relaxed maintenance schedules. Simple, reliable and
 easy to ride, the CRF230F even has the luxury of electric start – but don't underestimate
how much fun it is to ride.



Young riders grow quickly and so do their skills. By the time they're ready for the
CRF150F, they're ready for some serious hardware. One step below the full-sized
CRF230F the CRF150F is lighter, shorter and narrower but still loaded with many
of the same features - electric start, aluminum swingarm, aluminum rims, front disc
brake, folding levers and almost 9 inches of suspension travel, just to name a few.



An extensive lineup of off-road entry models means Honda has a bike to fit almost
 any sized rider. Slotting in nicely between the standard CRF125F and the ever-popular
CRF150F Honda offers a big wheel version of the CRF125F.




An extensive lineup of off-road entry models means Honda has a bike to fit almost any
sized rider. Slotting in nicely between the standard CRF125F and the ever-popular CRF
150F Honda offers a big wheel version of the CRF125F. Utilizing the same engine and
frame as the CRF125F, the big wheel version, as the name implies, is fitted with 2"
 larger wheels front and rear.



The larger of Honda’s two semi-automatic off-road entry models, the CRF110F offers
 many well thought out attributes that result in a positive learning experience. Sure,
up-front features like electric start and light weight are obviously beneficial, but
 sometimes it's the designed-in operational characteristics that occur in the
background that are the most important.



What better way for your youngster to enter the exciting world of motorcycling than
aboard a CRF50F? Like so many before, your young rider will benefit from the
 user-friendly design that includes light weight, low seat height, automatic clutch
and low effort controls.