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Ready Honda Powersports Touring, Cruisers and Scooter


Smooth power
Powerful fuel-injected 1,832 cc six-cylinder engine
produces smooth, effortless power while surpassing
the California Air Resources Board (CARB) emission.

Superb rideability
Electronic control unit (ECU) provides two digital
3-D fuel injection maps for each cylinder and one
digital 3-D ignition map for each cylinder, creating
ideal fuel mixture and spark advance settings for
superb rideability. Unique knock-control sensors
monitor ignition advance to improve performance

Smooth effortless power
Powerful fuel-injected 1,832 cc six-cylinder engine
produces smooth, effortless power.

Frugal on fuel
The engine produces a remarkably broad torque curve
for strong low-rpm performance, the wide spread of
power makes the CB300FA easy and confidence-inspiring
to ride, in both stop-and-go situations and on the
highway, while also returning impressive fuel

Relaxed cruising with passing power
1,312 cc liquid-cooled 52-degree V-twin delivers
strong low-end and midrange torque, with ample power
for passing

Strong acceleration for city driving
To ensure strong acceleration, ease-of-use in the
city and a relaxed character on the highway, the
engine delivers exceptionally
(European model shown)

Programmed fuel injection
Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) incorporates a
single 34 mm throttle body.

Impressive power
745 cc liquid-cooled V-twin engine produces
impressive power over a broad rpm range.

No harsh – all rumble & purr
Dual two-axis primary counterbalancers help to
minimize harsh engine vibration without eliminating
the powerful pulses



Some will take one look at the Valkyrie and declare it's all about style for the
outrageous, in-your-face muscular presence. There are those who will say it's all
about performance citing its enormous tire shredding 1832 cc flat six motor.


                                               GOLD WING F6B

While they can certainly appreciate the finer things in life, some people prefer a little
 bit of edge to add excitement. You know the type, the ones who add a shot of
espresso to their morning coffee, well the F6B is made for these folks.




Picture yourself on the open road… your long, low mount cantering obediently beneath
you, while the throbbing of its massive V-Twin engine soothes your cares away; this
is the Stateline experience.





The unspoken truth about radical custom choppers is that while they may look incredibly
cool, most of them aren’t great motorcycles; they don't turn well, they don't stop well,
they don't go well and they are rarely comfortable.




Black sheep of the Honda cruiser family, the Shadow Phantom definitely does
not fit the traditional cruiser profile. Blacked out components and matte finishes
accentuate its bare, stripped-down styling, lending it a distinctly sinister look.




We could go on about how good looking the Shadow Aero is with its full-flowing fenders,
V-Twin engine and perfectly placed chrome accents, but you can already see that.




Like all good things, the Gold Wing only gets better with age. Forty years in
the making, the 2015 Gold Wing has evolved into the ultimate touring machine.
The silky smooth flat six engine is mounted low in the chassis for incredibly light,
responsive handling that totally belies the Gold Wing’s size.




When it was introduced back in 1975 the Gold Wing set new standards for long
distance touring, forty years later it's still doing the same thing. The only mass
production motorcycle fitted with a standard airbag, the GL1800AD adds this
important safety feature to a motorcycle already revered for its outstanding
comfort and remarkable agility.





High function scooter or lightweight sport tourer it's hard to say for sure.
The convenient step through styling and the ease of operation that comes with
a sophisticated automatic transmission suggest the Forza is a scooter, but the
high-performance linked ABS disc brakes, full coverage fairing and generous
storage capacity imply sport tourer.



The best-selling motorized two-wheeler in Europe is a Honda PCX. An interesting
 fact, given that Europeans know a thing or two about scooters. They have long
recognized the user-friendly convenience, low cost of operation, low carbon
footprint and the high fun factor that scooters bring to everyday transportation.




Let your eyes flow over each graceful curve, from the deep rich paint of the bodywork,
 across the textured accent panels, to the lustrous chrome highlights, the Giorno oozes
style. Fortunately, this style does not come with the usual compromise in
comfort and everyday usability




Not everyone thinks that traditional scooters look cool. In fact, some think that they
are downright lame. Who are these irrational misfits? Probably Ruckus riders. Sure
they see the benefit of some traditional scooter characteristics, things like a fuel
sipping 49 cc four-stroke engine, or the gas and go convenience of a fully automatic
transmission or even the easy-on, easy-off step through design, but these rebels prefer
the stripped down ready for anything utilitarian look of the Ruckus.